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One of the main challenges while running a casino is to whether to retain the existing customers or try to rope in new ones. Although the debate over casino player acquisition vs retention has been going on for quite some time now, the general belief is that the casinos should try to retain their regular customers, but that doesn’t mean that they should not focus on getting the new ones. It has been seen that the new customers get much more attention and more efforts than the regular players at the casino. It has been found that casino spend about 56% of their marketing budgets on the new casino player acquisition. The value of success is also measured by the new players joining the casino.
When marketing online casino, it is seen that the marketers make all the possible efforts to remain innovative as well as creative. It is this creativity and innovation that promotes casino player acquisition. But apart from acquisition, the casino player retention too is equally essential to preserve the level of business that one has achieved. Casino player acquisition can only help you grow further. Presumably, the newer and just established casino will need to focus more on player acquisition. Once they have reached a certain threshold, then they can focus more on the retention.
Here again one needs to segregate between the customers. After all retaining or the acquisition of casino players that are not too profitable is not going to be of much use to the casino. One should build a strong foundation of useful customers so as to see rapid progress in the casino and see it make more profits.

Casinos with superior retention rates are simply one of the benefits and profits will improve considerably with time. Therefore casino player acquisition is an essential part of the business plan for a casino online.

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